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KD Joy outdoor day dream with canopy for outdoor. Daybeds are practical and useful to have at home. A versatile piece of furniture that converts easily from a bed to a seat. An armless couch that can serve as a seat by day and a bed by night.

  • Hand-crafted solid Bamboo that enrich the soul inspire the mind while treating the earth with respect.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy it is carefully hand crafted with sustainable bamboo material.
  • Dendrocalamus Strictus is a solid bamboo which grows like a tree and is spreading profusely only around Ho Chi Minh City in the South of Vietnam and neighboring regions.
  • It is the perfect material for housing construction furnishings other home products and a perfect substitute to wood.
  • Based in Ho Chi Minh City we are in a unique position to take advantage of this unique material to provide sustainable solutions to our customers
  • Our products are handmade and finished without the use of harmful materials are created in collaboration with artisans at home and abroad contribute to personal wellbeing while benefiting our local & global community.
  • Dimension - 85.8 x 43.3 x 82.7 in.
  • Item Weight - 114.66 lbs.

Price: 930.70


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